Things to Consider in Cosplaying

Few days ago, I was back to work from my maternity leave after giving birth. I gave birth last May and we had 105 days of leave before returning to work. It was an expanded leave because I only got 60 days on my firstborn. I am so thankful for the long rest days I had to cherish with my newborn because I get to spend more time with her and nurse her. A lot of my readers know that I advocate breastfeeding and you can check more of my pregnancy and parenting story on my other blog, Much Love, Mommy. 

Anyway, I prepared myself in returning to work last week. As I returned to school (I work as a junior high school teacher for those who didn't know), I met the substitute teacher for my spot who happens to be a cosplayer and a vlogger. I somehow pondered how difficult it is to start vlogging and/or cosplaying. 

I have been contemplating to try vlogging too but without the right equipment and enough time, I think it will be difficult. I will still try to gather more knowledge and time to study video editing if I wish to pursue vlogging in the future. Since I also got interested in cosplaying, I did a little research on what to do and how to start the act of cosplaying. Here are some of the first things to consider if you wish to pursue a different hobby like cosplaying.

1. Start who you want to cosplay

I am a big kpop fan and being a part of it, I attended lots of kpop functions, meetups, concerts and a whole lot more. As I attended those gatherings, I noticed that there are lots of fans who copy their idols or even the whole group they idolize from their hairstyle down to their shoes. They use natural hair wigs, or they have weave hairstyles to copy the looks they wish to copy. Some uses short lace front wigs to match the latest hair trend of the idols. Just the same in cosplaying, you have to use the same thing for that. They buy the same clothes, accessories, and shoes like the character they want to portray. In short, they copy almost everything to the character they want to cosplay. For that, some has the means to buy their costumes while others try to DIY their own.

2. Assess how much you are willing to invest

If fangirling/fanboying or cosplaying is your passion, then it is understood that you are willing to shed off cash on your stash. Buying tickets, merch, and other materials needed is a given in this field. You may also wish or need to spend on whatever materials your group endorses which requires a lot of cash. So you have to know if this is really the hobby you are willing to invest in.

3. Attend gatherings, group events that are related to fangirling/cosplaying

Broaden your experience by attending events related to what you wish to pursue. Just like what I do in blogging about beauty, I keep on attending workshops and events related to beauty which provides more learning about the field. There are those paid and unpaid workshops from different brands where I try to attend. For cosplaying, there are meetups and gathering of other cosplayers where you can attend to mingle with other people and other group. The key is to socialize with the people you have the same interest with.

Adding a hobby or two is good to add more spice in our life. Just like what I do, I write blog because it keeps me sane with motherhood. It is like an avenue for me to express myself. I also feel that someone is listening to me whenever I try to write my musings and there are people who visit my blog so than you all.

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