Review: Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Obsession

I love lippies that has really cute and easy to hold packaging. So when I got this Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, I know that I will love this product ‘till the end.

When I first had the chance to use my NYX Lip Cream, I loved it because of its easy-to-use packaging. I like slim and easy to use products. Convenience is my main concern now since I became a mom. For me, convenience helps me a lot because it also saves my time and I got more time to bond with my son.

The product is in a transparent matte packaging with silver cover handle on top. The applicator is a doe type one which distributes a lot when applied so control in application is the key.

If bought individually, it is priced at P525.00. I got this on the BDJxRevlon curated box. I got this for quite a long time now but just used it for more than a month because I got too much to use alternatively. I think it’s quite pricey though because I got the NYX for almost the same effect and same color but almost half of the price.

It is a pink bold color with orange tone. I like how wearable it is and it gives a strict look which I can use it during my classes. It catches my students’ attention every time I talk which is a good factor for me.

It is matte and the pigmentation is great. One swipe of the applicator gives more than what is needed. I also like that it stays long on the lips and leaves a creamy matte effect. It isn’t drying compare to other matte lipsticks.

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • Got it from BDJ’s curated box.
  • Pigmentation is great.
  • The color was bright and can easily turn heads.
  • Very handy to bring anywhere.
  • Smells nice.
  • Very soft to glide on the lips and the applicator looks clean.

Nay! ()
  • It stays long but not as long as I want it to be. Once I eat or drink, it is easily removed.
  • It isn’t transfer-proof.
  • Quite pricey but with its quality, it’s already okay.

I like the color and the pigmentation of this product and I like using it on a daily basis. The only thing that makes me sad though is that it doesn’t stay long enough as much as I want it to be. I also hope that it’s transfer-proof so I can easily drink without staining my glass.

Price: P525.00 each
Bought from: BDJ Box
Size: 5.9 ml.

In totality, I like it! It may be a little pricey but I like the color pay-off and the ease in application. I also like how it smells. Totally recommendable!

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