Event: AMW Workshop Series 8

It was literally a beautiful afternoon spent last Saturday of March 24 when I attended Miss Nikki Tiu’s AMW Workshop 'I Woke Up Like This" at B-Spot Ortigas. I deposited my son to his aunt first which she gladly accepted and went to the metro to attend the event. The event was worth every second of my trip.

I arrived there an hour early because Miss Nikki mentioned that we can line up for the free nail manicure courtesy of GirlStuff. I was serviced the 6th place so I finished early and had time for some little chit chats among the participants. I met Anne, my seatmate which is also a beauty enthusiasts as well who instantly became my friend. 

We were given free lunch and snack courtesy of Boulangerie22 which is one of the sponsors. However, I wasn’t able to eat because I was too excited doing IG stories and checking my loot. I feel that the value of the loot was way more than what the fee of the workshop. There were lots of items inside. Photo below were just some of the goodies. 

The topic of the workshop is 'I Woke Up Like This' makeup so the focus would be all natural and something that can be done for an everyday, casual look. Almost all of the products we got were nudes and naturals so it really fit the theme.

Here are some of the tips Miss Nikki discussed:

Face - Moisturize well before anything. Mask up 2-3 times a week and limit the application to the time suggested on the package. The longer you let the mask stayed on the face, it will do the opposite which is drying up the face. Use it according to instructions. BB and CC cream are great for the face so it's good to use them. Do not load up on foundation on a daily basis. Use concealer on target areas that needs attention instead. If need to retouch, mist is a great product to use. It's okay not to erase the whole makeup. Just use mist instead.

Eyes - Conceal dark undereyes with a tapping motion. For eyeshadow and liner application, anything that is applied on the top must be applied below. It's okay to go with brown or taupes for everyday look..

Blush - To determine the exact apples of the cheek, point it below down the center of the eyes and meeting the end of the nose. Build up the application on the apples then blend out. Contour is contrast to blush. The application for contour should be build up near the ears going inside the face. 

There are so much more to learn about makeup. I won't share the others here so that you'll register on her future workshops instead. I'm sure you'll enjoy because Miss Nikki was so down to earth that it's so easy to approach her.

I admit that I am a beauty enthusiasts as well but there are my down points in makeup and I hope to improve on them too!  Until the next AMW Wokshop then. Cheers! 

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  1. I would have enjoyed this workshop as well! I used to love putting on make-up a lot when I was a child and when I was still single. These days, because I have a very hectic life, I hardly wear make-up. I usually get dolled up, though, when I have speaking engagements and TV or radio guestings.


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