I Want To Become Sample Room's Next Beauty Insider

My love for doing product reviews has grown in me since the beginning of my blogging journey. I may be a little confused at first when I was starting on what niche to tackle, but as I went along, I knew that my love  in exploring beauty products and trends will direct me on the right path. Thus the birth of Cute and Dainty! 

Few years ago, I started small. I am not saying that I am any big now in blogging but it helped me grew as a blogger and as a person. Back then, I remember purchasing beauty items on my own expense. When I also received products and gifts from friends or sponsors, I make sure to blog and review them. During those days, Sample Room has been a huge part in my blogging journey. When I discovered them, my blogging life became more livelier. 

Availing samples has then became a habit of mine. Product after product, I make sure that I feature them. It's like a way for me to return them the favor of helping me out with my blog. Now, I want to show them that I will be continuously supporting them all throughout by means of joining in their Beauty Insider Circle. 

Apart from imparting my experience on the newest products, I also wanted to have a group of blogger friends who have the same passion as mine. I think it would be great to be around those people who'll make me grow as a blogger and as a person.

I hope you wish me luck and pray that the heavens will be in my favor! Thanks! 

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