Travel: Digyo Island

Christmas season is fast approaching and what better way to spend it than to spend it with your loved ones? My husband and I recently talked about reconnecting with our relatives whom we have lost contact with. It’s one of our goals to do this before the end of the year so we decided to look at some places where we can visit relatives during our weekend off from our stressful work. 

Our relatives are scattered in different provinces and visiting them and traveling at the same time is hitting two birds with one stone. We get to reconnect with them and we get the liberty of enjoying life more by traveling. We don’t need to stay in their homes, too, as there are good family-friendly accommodations in Leyte, Iloilo, Baguio, Bataan, Laguna and even in the Metro where they all are. 

Ever since I gave birth, our relatives from both my husband’s family and mine were asking ask if we can visit them. They still haven’t seen our son personally so the invites from different relatives are overflowing.

Since there’s a mini reunion in Leyte before December hits, we’re thinking of spending one of our weekends there. Where? In Digyo Island! 

I saw these photos on our aunt-in-law’s account and asked her about the place. I grabbed her photos and asked if I can use it here and credit her. She’s also our godmother at our wedding and she gladly asked us to stay with them there.

I was awed on the beauty of the place. Nice pristine, blue waters and perfectly shaped clouds. Beautiful, beautiful scenery all over the place. You can also have a perfect sunset on the place. Who wouldn’t fell in love with this beauty, right?

With the mini-reunion happening there, I can’t wait to put on a swimsuit despite the stretch marks from giving birth. I will definitely enjoy my stay there. I believe my husband will like it there too since he’s so much in love with water. I just hope we can do some scuba diving there.

I just really can’t wait to book another flight to Leyte and see this beauty. We are thinking of going there around first or second week of December. The relatives are just finalizing the dates and then we get to book. It’s just the perfect place for family to chill and at the same time, our relatives will get to see our child. They miss him so much!

Since we are from Pampanga, traveling to Leyte may take a while so it needs to be book early. I can’t wait to share more experience with you on this adventure.

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