Tips on What NOT to Give to Your Girlfriend this Christmas

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a lover, giving gifts to girlfriends can be quite challenging especially if you are overwhelmed with all the gift ideas for women you see around. It’s a great advantage that who you are giving a gift to is someone you really know or are close to, but we understand when you say it’s difficult because we only want to give the best gifts to people we love. 

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For the time being, let’s assume that you are a man looking gift ideas to the woman in your life. While women generally like the same things, it is always safe to say that you need to know the personality of the person you are giving a gift to, to make sure that your present is appreciated. 

We do however, can round up a list of advice regarding what NOT to give to your girlfriend: 
  1. Anything that she has to use to clean or cook – we understand that we might appreciate or actually “need” an appliance or cleaning gadget, but we’d rather have a thoughtful gift from you, thank you.
  2. Anything that has to do with you and not me. Sure, you might think a glowing LED lamp is cool for your room but it might not be something I’d want in mine.
  3. Anything too common – flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys. We might expect these kinds as gifts during romantic occasions but we would rather receive something special for Christmas. 
  4. Anything that needs to be fitted. You might not know my clothing size yet (unless we are really into each other) so if you don’t, don’t assume. It is embarrassing to have to replace it in a bigger size – and by then, you have to show me the receipt too. (It will be doubly embarrassing, don’t you think?) 

Instead of making a mistake, just do these:

  1. Listen to clues. Your girlfriend will surely be dropping hints of what she would like to receive – tune in and listen! 
  2. Brainstorm what she likes. Take note of her interests. Know her style. For example, if your girlfriend is a bookworm, she would surely appreciate it more if you give her a monthly book subscription instead of an expensive bag. 
  3. Be sensitive to her battles. If your girlfriend is trying to lose weight, giving her chocolates or taking her out on a buffet date is not going to earn points from you. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask clues from people she is close to – family members or best friends. They would be able to tell you!
  5. If all else fails, just be direct and ask her what she wants! It might be unromantic for some but you can approach this question in a way that will still allow room for little surprises come the holidays.

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