Review: B&Soap Mamie Blue

My first exposure to skincare happens to be with Korean products. Until now, I prefer using it instead of Western and other products. Though I'm not closing myself in trying items from other countries as well. I just love Korean products which makes me buy it even if it comes directly from Korea. I also sometimes ask friends to purchase me items from Korea when they're travelling. When my sister went there, she almost even bought a whole luggage of Korean haul. 

Good thing I discovered Althea website which sells Korean products and ships directly from Korea. What's best is that the items are incredibly priced low. Almost like the price in Korea. I thin I already ordered 4-5 times from them and one of the items I purchased is the Mamie Blue. 

Mamie Blue is also known as the "Smurfs Pack". If you are familiar with the cartoon 'The Smurfs', you'll know why it is called like that. I love using this pack because aside from it being my fave color, it's a cooling pack which I love. I always love the feeling that a product cools my skin. 

This pack is in a tub which was originally priced at P1380 and I bought it for P550. Right now, as of this writing, the product is only P410. Didn't I tell you that Althea was incredibly priced really low? Who wouldn't love tot try every product there, right? 

The product has an applicator which is nice because it prevents from dipping your hands and transferring bacteria in the tub. It considers the hygiene of the user which is good! 

I like the product because since it has a peppermint scent and feel, it cools down my face. I just love the feeling it gives. It also controls the oil on my face, making my skin moisturized well.  

Other review says that the product harden and it's hard to apply. I guess it just about proper storage. Mine's okay and as you can see from the product I tested on my hand above, the texture is dewy and soft making it easy to apply. The applicator definitely helped a lot. I applied the whole pack on my face just by swiping it easily. You just need to close the tub properly so the air won't come inside which I think will make it hard.  

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Peppermint scent and the cooling feeling it gives.  
  • It has an applicator for proper hygiene. 
  • Removes the dirt on the face properly. 
  • Soothes the skin after application. 
  • Claims to have natural ingredient that aren't harmful in the skin.
  • Huge discount from Althea website.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I don't have any negative thoughts on it. I just feel sad that the tub might be only good for a month and a half if you'll be using the product one or twice a week.
Price: P550
Bought from: Althea Korea
 Size: 100 g.

Overall, I love the product. I'm just using it thrice and it's already halfway the tub. I just hope it's bigger and can be used for longer period of time. 

Anyway, I still love the product and recommending it to anyone who loves to clean their faces uniquely like this. I love turning my face blue like 'The Smurfs'. I feel crazy about it!

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