Food Getaway: Tio Julian

Finally! After long months of waiting, I got to try Tio Julian's Paella ni Elena and it was by far the best paella I ever had! Let me tell you more about our experience from the said resto. 

Few days ago when I had my OB appointment, I decided to meet with my blogger friends after my schedule as we hadn't met for a very long time. My OB's clinic was distantly near the place so I decided (with my husband's approval of course) to have a quick chat with my Pampanga Bloggers Society family. He even accompanied me. The group was the said group of bloggers we organized here in Pampanga. The short catch-up we plan to have eventually ended until midnight. We just had so much fun talking and totally forgot about the time.

We met at Tio Julian which was located at San Fernando, near San Miguel. We decided to use our GC on the said resto which we got from the owner during the Bridal Expo couple of months ago. We already had a series of blogger guesting from them. We decided to just pay for the excess from our GC in case we get to eat more from their menu. What happened next was unexpected.

First we ordered their signature Paella dish, which was hailed as the best paella in town. After visiting and tasting Tio Julian's wide array of dishes from the past, it was unfortunate that I didn't tried their Paella earlier because I'm missing a lot! It was my first time to try and I must say that I absolutely love it!!!

Paella ni Elena - P495.00

First, they served the Paella and as we continue chatting while choosing what to order next, Chef Doc (the owner) eventually appeared and we had our greetings. The next thing we knew, he's already asking the staff to add more dishes from our original menu. We didn't know anymore what our orders were and what were given to us.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan - P285.00

Tokwa't Baboy - P165.00

Cucumber Shake - P80.00
Mango Shake - P80.00
Watermelon Shake - P80.00
Cofipino - P140.00
Chocopino - P140.00

Sisig Bangus - P265.00

Baked Laing - P215.00

Pinaputok na Lamang Dagat - P365.00

BBQ - I missed the price for this one

Palitaw Surprise - P75.00

New dessert which we called Squash Brulee. It's super delicious, I swear! 

I love everything they served especially the dessert. I hope the Squash Brulee, which doesn't have it's final name yet, will be served permanently in their menu. I also like the Palitaw because it has yema in it inside. 

All photos were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S4. I wasn't able to bring my camera because we didn't meet there to review the resto in the first place but there's just a lot of dishes not to miss so I decided to come up again with the review of the place.

Address: KM. 72 McArthur Highway, San Isidro, San Fernando, Pampanga
Type of Food: Restaurant and Catering
WIFI: Didn't try their WIFI though. 

I love, love, love Tio Julian's Paella ni Elena, their Tokwa at Baboy and their Pinaputok na Lamang Dagat. I just love eating everything. I just hope that the Baked Laing has a little spice into it though. But overall, everything in the menu was spot-on. I highly recommend the restaurant to everyone! 

I hope that people who see Tio Julian will not be intimidated with the exterior of the restaurant. It looks really posh and sophisticated from the outside but the menu was definitely reasonable. Hope everyone can check it out! :) 

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