Change The Way You See Love

I believe that love is patient, love is kind
So in high school and in college, boyfriends didn’t really come into my mind,
I rarely talk to the opposite sex for fear that I might,
Mess with my schooling and fall in love on the first sight.

After studying, I met a lot of friends,
They became acquaintances and colleagues and even more than friends,
But one thing is certain which I used to always see,
There’s nothing more obvious than the way you look at me.

We used to be teammates on our first job then
We’re even seatmates and we can’t even pretend
That we see each other on a different level
And our closeness just became even better.

We then did what other couples usually do,
We date and dance and watch movies too,
Soon, we became a hit couple to them
Seeing that we pass 4 years of relationship without end.

Soon, the seventh year came and you proposed
I can’t believe that our time went by pretty close,
We’re excited to plan the wedding in just a year
Then we successfully did it, oh my dear!

Just right after a month of being together
I didn’t expect it will be so soon to our road to forever. 
I find out I'm conceiving a baby and I wrote you a letter
Saying I do not know what to do and I'm not feeling better.

Honestly I was nervous at first and I can't absorb what happened, 
Early plans and dream I felt has come to an end, 
I still want to do my Masters and do this and that, 
And for my husband to go to Australia so bad! 

The nervousness somehow didn't last long, 
Especially when I first heard her heartbeat like a song, 
I then felt his little rumbles and kicks that were so strong
Oh my dear baby, I was then so wrong!  

I shouldn't thought like that because you are the fruit of our love
Sent from The One up above
Our little bubba who we so wish to see
Will pop out few days from now inside of me

I didn't know a love like this exists
But Huawei P9 can also be compared to a feeling like this 
This experience made me change the way I see about love
The phone also change the way people see mobile photography like a mother's love.

The phone is co-engineered with a Leica camera
Which has dual lenses that produces high quality photos in whatever era 
It also allow users to take amazing monochrome photos
Even colored, light painting and slo-mos. 


Now I believe that this motherly experience is different from that first love I had 
It is special, it is hard to explain, it is beyond the thought of man
It is something that cannot be measured, for it has no beginning nor an end, 
It's another wonderful evidence of God's tender-loving hand.


  1. How's the battery life of P9? I'm considering buying one to replace an awesome Lumia 1520 camera phone, but a bit hesitant


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