The Revival of Cute and Dainty

It's been a long time since I regularly post here on my blog. I stopped last November because of the preparation for our wedding and after that, so many things happened. I got pregnant with our honeymoon baby and since then, I've been very lazy to update and post here. I even tried to create a different blog for a different niche but now that a baby is coming on the way, I know I would need to manage my time at work and take care of our firstborn. For that reason, I deleted the entire new blog and would stick to this blog as my ONLY web abode. 

I got so many pending blog post and stories to share so I hope you can watch out for that. I also discovered a lot of new things that I would really want to deliver to all of my readers. I will be posting more encounters and adventures too especially now that I'm starting to experience the joy of motherhood. All this and more on my succeeding posts which I will share with you very soon! 


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