Rice Delicacies at Susie's Cuisine

Third stop on our second day for the Pampanga Food Tour event was held at SUSIE'S CUISINE. It's a native delicacy store in the Philippines. So after our tummy-full lunch at BIF's, it was just proper that we have a slightly light snack to compliment what we had earlier that day. 


However, it was still so heavy in the tummy because most of what we had were Kakanin or rice delicacies, and obviously it's very heavy in the belly. We visited SUSIE'S CUISINE located at Angeles near Nepo and it was packed with people who goes in and out of the store.
Whenever we have occasion at home or even at the office, SUSIE's is our go-to store whenever we need a quick fix of kakanin. They have different branches in the province and I am accessible to two of their branches in San Fernando. Aside from Kakanin, they even serve variety of dishes great for celebration such as palabok, spaghetti, among others. 
Also, don't forget to grab some of their halo-halo especially this summer where it's undeniably and strikingly hot. Surely you'll love the blend of their halo-halo ingredients altogether.  

Address: #36 Hilda St., Nepo Mart Commercial Complex, Angeles City
Type of Food: Rice Delicacies and Pasalubong

I'm currently craving for their cassava. I've been skipping sweet delicacies because I'm currently preggo but I will surely grab some of these snacks after giving birth. All this and more at SUSIE's CUISINE - The best of Pampango Kakanin. :)

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