Review: Clear Nose

Recently, I purchased a loot from Dress Icon which includes some skin care together with this item which is new to me that I will be reviewing today, the Clear Nose. This product basically clears out deep-seated whiteheads and blackheads. If you have read my previous posts, my favorite nose pack from The Face Shop was always out of stock for a year now and I can't find a suitable product that will tend to my blackhead-whitehead dilemma. Good thing I saw this from my friend's shop and gave it a try!

The set contains a bottle of the clear nose cream, 60 sheets of blotting paper and an instruction written in Thai which I don't understand. (Not sure if they call it a blotting paper but I decided to call it that way. Haha)

Upon opening the product, I smelled a glue. It was not the scent that I like but it's tolerable anyway.  The product itself is a sticky substance and has the glue consistency. At the first application, I used my bare hands to scoop out a certain amount of the product to try. Wrong move! It's so sticky that I have to endure the hassle of the application on my face. I just hate the entire process and thought would hate the product too. The after-effect was shocking though which made me try it again. The effect was so great which you will see later.

So as to not hate the process, I used a swab instead! (*insert bulb lighted here*) Ditch the idea of getting the product with bare hands. It's just doesn't work nice! The product doesn't have a scooper and I think a scooper won't work with it's consistency so a swab will be fine.  

So for easy application and not to hassle yourself, follow these easy steps. Guaranteed you'll be amazed with the results!


1. TAKE A COTTON SWAB MOISTENED W/ WARM WATER. Wipe the cotton over your skin.
2. Apply just a thin cream over your skin.
3. Place the paper over the skin applied w/ the cream.
4. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes long enough not to hurt when removed.
5. Pull back up the paper. Guaranteed that you will be shocked as blackheads, whiteheads & acne will stick to the paper
6. Pat the area w/ warm water followed by cold water

I usually do these before going to bed so I cleanse my face first before doing the process! OMG! Look at my dark circles!!! I need to tend to that problem ASAP!

The result is indeed SHOCKING! Even to the smallest whiteheads, everything was removed! Noticed that the whole paper was covered with whiteheads. This is far better than my previous nose pack product. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Removes everything up to the tiniest whiteheads/blackheads.
  • It's affordable for it has 60 blotting sheets that will remove those whiteheads/blackheads. 
  • You can put it anywhere on the face that you think has the problem.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Not a fan of the scent! I just don't like it!
  • It's so sticky to open. 
  • No English translation on the instructions and on the bottle.
Bought fromDress Icon
 Size:1 bottle (no ml indicated)

Overall, I have a love and hate with this product. I like how effective it is but dislike the smell so much. Every time I use it, I feel that it's a burden to smell the glue-smell on my face but always looking forward with the results. I am amazed every time on how effective this is. How would I not use this then? I just hope they have formulated it to have a little nice smell. 

With the same smell or not, I will still repurchase. I'm into the effect more than the scent. Only hoping for it to be a little on the nice scent side. 

Anyway, I have more products to review soon and I'm excited to each and everyone of them! I lost communication for more than a week because of my blog issues but now I'm back on track. Hope you can support me all the way! XOXO ♥


  1. I heard that works great but really hurts D:

    1. Not really. You just have to follow the minutes of stay because if it's longer, it might really hurt.

  2. Most of the nose packs I've tried only works well for the evident white heads. But the deeper black heads, they remain on my nose. I was wondering if this product can actually do it. As you said in the post, it does then I might as well try. Although I'm preparing myself for the glue like smell haha

    1. Yep. I think you'll dislike that but with the effect, this was just so good!


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