Review: Chapstick Mixstix in Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Lemon Berry Sorbet

I guess this sample has got to be one of my fave samples from Sample Room by far. Chapstick has been known in giving lips it's lost moisture and fixing every lip problem. This has got to be my first Chapstick experience on the blog and I love the new concept that Chapstick has - the ability of mixing flavor in one. 

I actually first got the Lemon Berry Sorbet since my points can't sufficed two at once. I was not a VIP member then but I am now. Unlike the normal lip balms that only has one flavor, this has two on both sides. I like the berry and the strawberry too. Having a two-in-one product lets you choose what flavor to use depending on your mood. Every time I use it, I use it depending on what I wanted to taste or smell at a certain time.

These two has very nice scent. It really smell like the flavor it portrays. The banana really smells like the banana as well as the others. The packaging was also cute and pretty. I almost like everything about this. As for the moisture? It's just so moisturizing that I only reapply it few times than my other balms. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Cute and dainty packaging
  • Nice concept of mixing the flavors in one item
  • Flavors included are yummy flavors You will be really tempted to eat of taste them. (Note: This is NOT edible) 
  • Very moisturizing. Claims it has 8 hours of moisture. I think for me it has around 6 hours. Still long though.
  • Each flavor has a nice scent. 
  • You can use them individually or combine both. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Since it has 2 flavors in one, there's less product in each side. 
  • I can't find it easily in stores. I hope the Watsons or the Department Store here in our place will have them. (Ahem, ahem, SM Pampanga!)
Price: Free from Sample Room (P140.00 when priced)
Bought from:  Sample Room
 Size: 4.4 g. per stick

I love the product! I want to repurchase this and I hope Chapstick will listen to my pleas and will make this available here. I also hope they will create more two-sided lip balms and hoping that mint and strawberry will be combined together. How about mango and cherry? The combination is limitless. 

I got excited! Haha. What do you think about these products? I was happy to get both of these and I hope Sample Room will restock more and hopefully it will be easily available at your local department stores soon. More to share and love next time. Xoxo ♥

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