Manicure Monday: Fast-Lane Fuchsia

It's been a while since I last posted something on the blog. After the DNS problem I had on my site, I also encountered intermittent connection with our service provider which made everything a hassle. However, I felt that it happened as if telling me that I just needed a break on social media so I'll count those inconveniences as an advantage for me. I get to rest and spend quality time with my loved ones. 

I'm back now and with a new Manicure Monday post. I really really wanted to try doing nail art but I just don't have the time in my hands. Since it's a long weekend, I'll try to find time in designing new nail art for next week's Manicure Monday post. This time, it's just a plain, shocking color I'm going to show you loves. 

I bought this Sally Hansen nail polish in Fast-Lane Fuchsia a couple of months ago and  still haven't reviewed it. I actually like the color but it dries sooooo slow that I tried to coat my index finger several times (like four times) because it was damaged easily when I thought it was already dry. Even with top coat, it was easily damaged despite waiting for it to dry for around 10 minutes or so.

As for it's longevity, it stayed around 4 days on my nails with top coat before it chipped and it damaged my nails. I think this has low-quality formula that dries so slow, chips easily and makes the nails so dry and left it cracking. I am very careful with my nails. I am applying base coat and top coat every time I polsih them. I also put nail oil and I'm using hand and nail butter every time I feel the need to do so but it still damaged my nails so I was really disappointed in this. I still have a Sally Hansen pastel blue nail polish and I hope that won't disappoint me.

Overall, I think the product already was old or maybe it was just made like that. I purchased this over at Bid From Zero for P89.10. I hope the pastel blue one won't be like this one. I am really praying it will be effective than this and won't be a disappointment. 

Will try to use that this week for the nail art I am planning to do. I hope it won't disappoint. Expect more nail colors soon! Xoxo ♥

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