Necklaces for Necklines

One of my major fail when it comes to dressing up is accessorizing. Before, I thought that wearing necklaces is a piece of cake. Whatever you feel that fits in your liking is okay with what you are wearing. Not totally though. It may be quite a chore so you need to consider this helpful guide in accessorizing with necklaces.

I like that this guide is helping me in choosing the right pieces I can wear with my specific clothing. Now, I know that bibs and collars can pull off a simple tee. Nice! 

Hope this tips helps with your styling. Stay fab and dainty! Xoxo ♥


  1. I have to say accessorizing is also one of my weak points. Haha!


  2. Great necklace cheat sheet. Many a times I too don't know which necklace is best for accessorizing an outfit.

  3. All the necklace are nice. Thank you for this. I missed getting accessorized :)

    1. I just hope I have every piece to accessorize an outfit.

  4. yay,thanks for this post,i love accessories and i learn more how to use it on my ootd!

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