January 2014 Collective Haul!

How time flies so fast and we're done with the first month of 2014. I've been busy here and there and I'm loving every minute of it. Now comes the love month and let's see what it has in store for us!

For now, I'll leave you with my month's collective haul. Blessings kept pouring in and I am always thankful for everything that life gave me and whatever it has to offer. I am especially most thankful to 'The One' who's behind everyone's blessings! A never-ending thanks! :)

Let's start a whole month of haul in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .  (~.^)

Scarlet Drea Wedge - P289.00 (Discounted)
This is by far my most favorite haul for the month. However, I haven't used it yet since I am still thinking on what to pair it with. Since I scored it at Zalora in a very affordable price, I immediately put it in cart. It's rocking nice! :)

I also bought an album and some photo papers so I can scrapbook our 5 year longtime relationship. I am trying to buy time to do this!
Photo Album 95.50 and Paper Photo P90.00 

BabyFlo Cotton Buds - P30.00
Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub - P70.00
Schick Exacta - P30.75
Nivea Body Whitening P230.00
Oracare Wash 250ml - P159.00

Sample Room - P130.00 (Shipping Only)
Countess Mara - P200.00
This Countess Mara handbag is authentic! Why P200? I bought it in an online shop called Dress Icon which sells authentic US cosmetics and other authentic stuff as well. Legit! The handbag was pre-owned though but who cares? Authentic handbags still are statement pieces and it also has the vintage feel as well. I bought it together with the other stuffs below.

Maybelline Colorama - P79.00
Wet and Wild Willow Lip Liner - P49.00
Innisfree Brightening Peeling Gel - P99.00
 Covergirl Nail Polish - P79.00
 Gold Glitter Polish - FREE

Heart Patterned - $12.99
Birds Pattern - $14.99
And lastly, two blouses from Romwe. Look at how affordable those pieces are, considering that Romwe is an international online store and offers free shipping as well. Just great! :)

In totality, I actually like everything in this collective haul. I am actually looking forward to review most of the cosmetics I bought and hopefully I can do OOTD as well with my new set of blouse and wedge. The problem with OOTDs though is I don't have anyone who will capture my photos. Sigh!

Anyway, I will blog more reviews this month from what I have on this haul. I already blogged about Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Srub here and the Tony Moly products here too so please do check them out. You can also look forward to NOTDs soon! :)

That's it! Happy love month to all! Let's spread the love everyday! 
Xoxo ♥


  1. Whao.that's an big haul you had in Jan. Which is your favourite product ?

  2. Pretty pair of sandals you have there perfect for valentines date.

  3. wow, daming items, sis. all nice! i also got my first romwe haul last week and i'm so happy with my finds, too. :-)

    1. Great you scored your haul from them. Share your post here sis. :)

  4. First time to read something about "haul". Haha. Very interesting this is new to me. Clarification lang po, ano talaga meaning ng haul? Baka kasi iba nasa isip ko. Thanks! :)

    1. I think I know what you mean. Maybe your thinking of haul which means pulling, drag or draw or perhaps something related to transport.

      Well, I've also thought of that first but if you'll come to think of it, you can also use the term as to 'draw'. Like when you are shopping you get or pull stuff from the beauty shelves. It would be like -- a large amount of something that has been collected. Or the kids collect a substantial haul of candy on Halloween.

      Also, I came to use the term as other bloggers use it also. Nakikigaya rin! LOL :))

  5. Cool items you have collected for the month of January. You really have a lot of cosmetic items. I like it when you buy things with discount. Looking forward for your February collective haul.

  6. asian secrets lip balm? I did not know that hehe celeteuq anti acne? wow, this post is real helpful

    1. It's asian secrets facial scrub sis. And that's Celeteque Cleansing Oil which is anti-aging. :)

  7. Interested on Romwe. I didn't know that free ang shipping nila.

    1. Yes sis. Even when I started ordering from them, free na talaga. :)

  8. I'm surprised by the prices of your wedge and bag. I can't believe that those are just under 500 pesos. Some good things still come at low prices. :D

    1. Yes because I hauled most of those items at a discounted price. Sale na yung wedge then I had a coupon pa. For the bag, that's authentic! Would you believe that!! Hehehe. I'm great in bargains!


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