Review: TFS Real Nature Mask Green Tea

Hello everyone. How's you new year so far? I've been busy here and there and can't find time to blog. Now, let me share to you another review of mine. 

If you are already a reader, you know well that I'm a fan of face mask and this post is already common for you. I kept on trying different varieties of mask in the market and lately, I am stuck with TFS line.

I already reviewed the same brand of mask but the one in Pomegranate. You can read the post here. For me, both are almost the same. I am just a fan of green tea lately that's why I grabbed this variant to give it a try. 

 Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Fresh on the face!
  • Easy to apply.
  • No smell. 
Nay! (。)
  • Tends to get itchy if it's sitting on the face for too long.
  • Too big. I think this is already common because I have a small face.
Price: P65.00
Bought from: The Face Shop
 Size: 23 g./ 0.8 oz.

So far, both the Pomegranate and Green Tea delivers the same effect for me. I will be reviewing more mask in the future to see what's best for my skin. Do you have any reco? Share it here! :)

Need to be early tomorrow for my class. I will be giving some exam to my students so I need to finish this post now. Haha. 'Till the next! 

Xoxo ♥


  1. I haven't tried the tea tree mask from Face shop but do agree the Pomagranate and Aqua mask are not bad.

  2. I have been meaning to buy mask kaya lang lagi ko naman nakakalimutan, hehe. I'll find this mask nga so I can try too.

    Mommy Maye

  3. I almost got a freebie mask the other day sayang nga lang at naubusan ng stock. Anyway , mask sound so good i'm gonna try some in future as well. Thanks for sharing


  4. I love TFS products. I got a few makeups from them last year :) I'm afraid of being itchy after staying on the face? Waaahh I tend to let my mask on my face until it gets dry hehe

    1. I sometimes do that too especially when I'm sleepy at night. Haha

  5. I used to buy masks like this one at Watsons. So far okay naman lahat ng na try ko. Are the TFS ones more expensive?

    1. I guess. The ones I always see at Watsons are kind of not really my type.

  6. This is great for those who loves natural products. And looks affordable din.

  7. I wanna try this :D Nice blog :) I'm following you :)


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