December Collective Haul


It's time for another collective haul from yours truly. What's special with this haul is that it includes the gifts from my loved ones this Christmas. I am a big spender when it comes to gift-giving this season because almost 70% of my money are gifts for my loved ones and I haven't purchased any decent blouse for myself yet. Haha. I may not been broke yet but my wallet and ATM is close to zero. LOL!

However, I'm still thankful for everything this year has brought me. A new job, a stable income, met new friends, attended my favorite concerts and experienced new things. I hope that 2014 will be my year, our year! Hopefully! :)

So here's my haul for December and the last for the previous year.

My Favorite! ♥


I'd like to thank everyone who gave me greetings and gifts. I especially thank my awesome college friends back in Manila, my sponsors who sees the beauty in my blog, my Pampanga friends and my family who never fails to give me presents every hear. Hehe. Of course, to my dearest Jaycee who really pushed hard to give me the gift I wanted, I love you so much!!!

What are the amazing gifts you received this season? Share your blog posts here.
'Till my next post! xoxo ♥

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  1. I want to buy running shoes..But Mommy allowed me to have it by February pa. hehehe. By the way thanks for sharing the Pantene Box. I got mine last monday.

    Allan (


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