Review: Gluta-C with Kojic Plus Shower Salt Scrub

My pregnancy has a lot of advantages and disadvantages for me. Apart from getting a very cute ball of baby, my struggle was getting really bad and dull skin during the whole pregnancy. I think I only had the pregnancy glow on my face but my body didn't had it. Good thing I was able to rummaged my vanity/beauty cabinet and found this hidden gem underneath. 

During the whole time I was pregnant, I felt so bad. I felt dirty, dull and down. I think every pregnancy is really different. I felt so heavy that time that I easily get tired which makes me so lazy on taking care of myself. I cut shower in minutes and most of the time skipped skin care and beauty stuff. I think most moms can relate to me especially those who experienced the same thing like I did. 

So after giving birth, I had to get back on track. I felt the need to bring back the glow of my skin and I know I have to take care of it again to achieve the youthful glow I was eyeing. I know that I needed to use a body scrub to make my body clean and bright again.

PACKAGING - It's an orange container in a screw cap jar which had an inner plastic lid that you can dispose after. 


SCENT - This has great scent just like most kojic soaps do. I like it even when I was pregnant and very sensitive to different odors. However, I used this post-pregnancy. I only opened it when I was on my last trimester but declined using it for lazy reasons. 

PRICE - Got it from Sample Room and only paid for shipping. If you wish to get it, it retails for P164.75 in leading supermarkets nationwide. 

TEXTURE - It has fine to medium granules which exfoliates the skin but isn't abrasive. It cleanses the skin gently which feels so good afterwards and I don't feel guilty doing it on my skin. 

EFFECT - This cleanses my body really well. It removes all dead skin cells and deeply exfoliates my body. I liked how clean and smooth my body feel after use without the drying feel. It claims to whitens the skin but for me, it just gives the brightening glow but doesn't really whitened it. I've been using it twice to thrice a week but didn't noticed any lightening effect. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE!
  • Good scent. 
  • Cleanses my skin really well. 
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and clean. 
  • No drying effect even after exfoliating the skin.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I think because it's summer time that the granules and the liquid part kind of separated inside the tub. I had to mixed it altogether to apply it easily. 
  • The tub is only half full
  • No whitening effect as it claims it have

Price: P164.75
Bought from: Sample Room (Got it for FREE!)
Size: 250 g.

There's a few content left and I think it's only good for 1-2 more use. I like it and would love to repurchase again soon. I think it's affordable and is effective in exfoliating the skin without making it dry. I hope that it has more content though because it is just half full when I started using it. It only lasted me a few times. 

Overall, I would recommend this if you want a scrub that's affordable and does what it claims. However, it doesn't have the whitening effect on me. It may have a different effect for you though. Always remember that what works for me might not work for you. 

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