AMW Workshop Series IX

It's been more than two months since I last attended a beauty workshop. It was #AMW Workshop Series IX. I attended last years' workshop by Miss Nikki and because I love her and trust her beauty tips and advices, I know I can't missed out this year as well. 

Miss Nikki or simply known as @askmewhats on IG is one of the beauty guru I look up to and respect because of her genuine and quirky personality. She's one of the beauty bloggers who has been my inspiration to start my beauty blog. Ever since I discovered she's having workshops, I then make it a point to attend those events.

This year's #AMWWorkshopSeries9 is entitled "Get Your Glow On" which was held last March 23, '19 at Space1851 Co-Working Hub. Since bringing myself with my big belly (7months preggy) would be difficult, my husband accompanied me because he supports my beauty events all the way!

The new venue was great because it was spacious than before and there's unlimited coffee (very Miss Nikki). Snacks were also served for the event goers.

Since I arrived early, I saw Mr AMW supporting Miss Nikki all the way by shooting Miss Nikki's live updates. Woah! They are always #relationshipgoals.

Also, there's a free mani session courtesy of Girl Stuff. The brand being safe because it's free from harmful chemicals may be used by pregnant women and kids.

According to Miss Nikki, the goal of the workshop is making sure that we have glowing skin from head to toe, hence the workshop title.

She shared that in Chinese medicine, wellness starts from down going up. That's why she introduced products from Soothies like its foot scrub and foot spray. Paying attention to our feet can help a lot because our feet absorbs all the tiredness from all the walking we are doing all day.

Working our way up, we can also opt for peeling body scrub and  lotion if we want to achieve whiter skin, like some instant whitening products from Cathy Doll.

So as Miss Nikki targets each area, she shared more tips on the face like:

  • For bubble product like a cleansing foam, if theres no bubbles, it means you have an oily face or oily hair. Bubble helps to decrease the oil in our face.
  • Apply bubble cleanser first then exfoliating scrub. Scrub from center going up. 

More tips on makeup application.

  • Green corrector is for red pimple
  • Lavender corrector is for sallow skin
  • Orange corrector is for dark areas
  • First part to apply is where you think the most dark part of the face
  • Use hand as palette to warm the product so it will adjust with your body temperature
  • Apply everything with small strokes
  • When you apply product on your face, use two fingers
  • Use fingers especially on color correct products
  • For skincare use upward stroke
  • For makeup application, use downward stroke. Application should be with the growth of your facial hair
  • For big pores use primer
  • Sleeping pack acts as a barrier
  • Two products on one face is okay
  • One side of the brush is for application, the other clean part is for blending
  • For concealer, use brush. Especially if it's cream because fingerprints can be seen
  • Dub down, then dubbing motion
  • Closer finger on the brush, gives more pressure. Far finger, less pressure
  • When applying eyeshadow, never go beyond the bone felt near the eyes
  • Concealer creases than foundation. Add powder then brush it in circles
  • Blot using brush in the afternoon, also in the neck. Don't use foundation sponge sIn the afternoon because it absorbs the sweat

That's a whole lot of tips and many moooree!!! Plus a lot of gifts from sponsors too! 

I'm so grateful to be part of this experience. It was always a pleasure to be part of Miss Nikki's makeup tutorials because I always learn a lot. As early as now, I'm hoping to be part of her 10th-year workshop.

Kudos to your anniversary Miss Nikki and more years and workshops to come! Lovelots 💗


  1. Thanks for the beauty tips! I once attended a makeup workshop, too, and I learned about orange and green concealers. Until now, I've been doing it. And it works like a miracle on my eyebags and pimples.

  2. Wow this is good to know it is like knowing a little bit of everything

  3. I need a makeup workshop, hahaha. good to know na may ganitong mga events na pwedeng puntahan ng mga ladies for self-improvement.


  4. Seemed like you took a lot of notes!! Wish I could attend a workshop like that relating to my topics of interest. Where can I get an invite?? Haha

  5. I'd love to be a part of the workshop too! I learned a lot from your notes. Thanks!!!

  6. I like ladies event like this, a day of relaxing, learnings, good food, and gifts! It is lovely to be a woman!

  7. Events like this are really interesting! there are good food, plenty of items and learning from speakers! I attended events like this before too. ♥

  8. I want to attend this kind of workshop. Is there a fee for this kind of workshop? Mukhang ang saya and marami kang matututunan.

  9. OMG I don't think I'll remember all of that details, haha! I've always said make up is an art and to be able to understand it is a gift, something I don't have, haha. I've tried, believe me. I've requested for a one-on-one session with a makeup artist for her to teach me, but I can't remember a thing!


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