Review: Snoe What's Up Brow! - Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax in Ochre

I have used up my very first eyebrow pen from Etude House and as I've checked my storage few weeks ago, I found out that I still have the Snoe Tinted Eyebrow Pencil which is called the 'What's Up Brow!'. I loved the former because it is retractable and no need to sharpen anymore. As I am using this eyebrow pencil from Snoe, my patience is tested as I need to practice it on how to glide it easily and to sharpen it without removing too much of the wax inside the pencil. By the way, i won this from Snoe's giveaway before.

I started practicing my brows with my very first eyebrow pencil from Eh and I loved it. Now that I am using a new one, it's a little different because I was introduced with the retractable one. However, there are still good side on this one. First is that it has a spool brush and that's nice. I had tried eyebrow pencil before but it has only one product on one end and no spool brush whatsoever. This one is a much better alternative to that. Next is that I like the shade that I received. It's in Ochre. It's a little on the dark and on the light side so I may say this is a medium brown. It just blends so well with my current hair color. 

I also like that this is highly pigmented and water resistant. It lasts for a good half-day on me. The soft-easy formula is a little off for me. I actually want the pencil to be a little hard so that I would have control on the strokes. I'm a little afraid because the pencil might broke easily. However with practice, I came to like the soft easy formula the product had. 

I'm still a newbie but little by little, I'm learning to do it. I have just a simple brows everyday because I don't want some flick whenever I go to work. My students will surely say something about my look if I do it a little off the beat. What do you say about my application on the photo? Pwede na?  

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE. 
  • Very dainty packaging!
  • It has a spoolie. 
  • Highly pigmented and doesn't rub off easily.
  • The color that was given to me was close on my hair color. 
  • Soft easy formula.
Nay for me! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Not locally available. Online stores can help though. :) 
  • Not retractable
Price: Free from Snoe.
Bought from: Free from Snoe.
Size: 1 eyebrow pencil. (Weight not indicated)

I feel that retractable eye products are a new way to make our lies easier. However, a change can be good sometimes, right? :) Now I can finally say that I tried eyebrow pencil and it did just as great as the retractable ones. I'm actually interested to know more on eye products. Will continue learning. ♥


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  1. An amazing eyebrow wax liner for some good shades and good makeup lining for eyes. The same problem for me is that its not available easily in the local stores.


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