Event: Marquee Mall Big Bite 2015

I have heard of the Marquee Mall Food Fest since last year but didn't got the chance to visit the place. Good thing I was messaged by Sir Den of Astig.Ph to cover the said event and I just couldn't say no because first, I want to experience Marquee Mall's food fest first-hand and I also want to contribute to Astig.Ph. I am really busy but despite the schedule (and the typhoon) I braved the weather. That's how I love blogging and covering events. I just love it like that!

When I arrived at the venue, there were just a few people inside the premises but as the time goes by, group of people becomes multitude. And they have a lot of food stalls and you'll be wowed with all the food. I want to try all but some were food and products were a little expensive.

The location was at Marquee Mall, Marquee Park which is an opened space at the back of the mall. The said festival was participated by so many food stalls which offers various products you will surely love to eat. It invites you to a heritage cuisine favorites from Northern Luzon. Let me take you to a tour around.

There is a stage at the center where Culinary Cook-offs take place. There's also Cooking Demos learned from renowned kitchen masters. I wasn't able to watch those part of the show since I went home early because of the typhoon. 

The food market was the main attraction to everyone. With over around 100 stalls, you can feast on a multitude of food choices from the Northern provinces. I was glad I saw some Vigan Empanada and was able to grab some and took some home.

I actually want to have each little food on each stall but they are selling big serving which requires you to pay a lot. I had a few during the tour like the Kalabasa Okoy, Green Suman and Empanada. That alone costs me P300. I just hope each of the stall has a few samples to try to encourage the buyers to buy the product. 

It was totally a feast when you visit Marquee Mall's Food Festival. Hopefully I can attend next year again and stayed longer than this year. I will surely make it a point that my (future) hubby can join the event too!


'Till my next gastronomic adventure! EAT, pray and love! XOXO ♥

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