I Won A Tailor Masque Pack

I am a giveaway fanatic like others do. I also won in various contests before but I suddenly stopped. Suddenly, I got a prize on my very first winning for this year which arrived yesterday. It was a Tailor Masque 3 Pack. I even forgot that I won such prize. It's really a blessing that I was able to try out different things. ^_^

I have read wonderful reviews on this detoxing facial treatment and it's really nice that I finally got my hands on this. Now I can finally experience some facial detox for myself. 

I am really excited to try it on but I will save the experience. I am thinking of giving my boo some facial since his birthday is near and this will be a nice add-on to those gifts I was planning to do on my head. haha :D

I will try to make a separate post or just update this post with a photo of us two trying on the facial masque so watch out for that. :)


  1. congratulations! share how it works on you.

  2. Congrats, Tet! Ang cute lang ng packaging. Looking forward to your review!

  3. First time i've heard of this particular mask but I also like the korean masks that are available in Watson's and elsewhere. Really soothing, if anything else. :)

  4. Sounds good nga. How does it worked on yon?


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