Lip Pop: A BDJ Box - Pink Sugar Exclusive

This box has been on my possession for more than a year already and haven't fully reviewed it yet. I opened it couple of months back and have been using some of it for several times now.

This box is an exclusive Pink Sugar Box so I was excited to receive it as this was my very first try on the brand. I have been hearing and reading about it for the longest time but I wasn't able to get my hands on them, until the day I got this box. This was definitely a steal because I got this box for only P1000. Yup, you read that right! All ten lippies for only a thousand bucks! I think it was the lowest price they offered during the duration of the sale and it was only for 24 hrs. I immediately grabbed it because it was originally priced at P1999.00.

It took me a long time to finally post a review on these because to be honest, I had a lot of opened lippies and I don't want to have more opened lippies around waiting for it to expire. I really managed to keep these lippies sealed for long so as not to shortened its lifespan. 

Anyway, here are the shades of the lippies in the box. I managed to make some swatches before I gave some away to family and friends. I am actually decluttering our home and I learned to minimize our things, beauty products like lippies included. In the end, I just kept few for myself but here are the swatches of the lippies in the box. 





I gave away more than half of the lippies in this box to my family and friends. I have too many in stock and since I only have one lips, I need to give them away so that they won't sit in my vanity for a long time. Also, I need to give space for the new ones on the way. No, I don't have new ones though, I'm just attracting more blessings to come. 😊

I hope BDJ will still come up with beauty boxes in the future. They somehow stopped producing boxes which is sad tbh. I started my blog because there were like them where I can purchase curated boxes with new product releases to update me on what's new in the beauty industry. It's also a good startup for new bloggers or anyone who wants to review beauty products from those boxes so that they can have more content. That's what I did when I first started writing blog reviews. Now, I have more products on my sleeve and still thankful for all the opportunities now and the days to come. 

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