The First Asian Beauty Community Meet Up in the Philippines

Dubbed as #ABCommunityPh77 as it was held on 7/7 or July 7, the first Asian beauty community meetup has successfully commenced a week ago gathering skincare enthusiasts for an afternoon filled of love for beauty and skincare.

Organized by 9 different skincare influencers, the event was put up because of the love they share with the rest of the participants. It was held at Kozi Kozi Premium Korean BBQ in Makati where fellow skincare peeps graced the event. The whole afternoon was filled with talks about different skincare info, games, raffles, socialization and of course eating!

Not only that, the team also made sure that everyone's experience of the event will be complete through a lootbag full of freebies. All for the love of skincare! Thanks to the very supportive sponsors who generously gave their products to the attendees so we can try them.

There's also this part of the program called Pinas Mask Swap. It is the Philippine version of sheet masks swapping because it also happens on the different parts of the globe. Basically it is like exchanging gift but you will be getting sheet masks in return (and others too if you're giver is generous!). Here's what I got from that part of the program.

I am actually with my hubby at the event and he likes the experience too because he understood more about skincare and wanted to step up on his skincare game as well. He now understands me and my buying habit. Yey! Haha. He's even more conscious now than me. He wants to book a schedule to a derma/skincare clinic asap to check on his skin condition. Wow! He was really greatly influenced by the event, and by me of course! Haha.

Influencing my husband to do skincare has also been great because I also found myself investing more time in learning different products, not only Korean products but also products from other countries as well. My love for the Japanese product Biore was even featured on Datumou-Recipe blog and I was really bragging about how I love it! My love for these skincare products have been known to all!

My only regret on the event was not socializing much with the people around. The introvert in me took over the whole time. So sad that I was only able to talk to a few participants when the event was finished and everyone's about to leave. Hoping that next time would be different. I hope I can meet new friends and I hope I can talk to the people who I've been following online all the time.

Anyway, here's a peak on what I got from the loot. Lots of brands that are new for me and more mask to try (from the swap!)! I am sooo back in my skincare game after my pregnancy and I am trying more mask and masking daily. (I stopped when I was pregnant because I was just so conscious with products and too lazy to do it!)

The whole experience is definitely one for the books! I hope I can join again next time but will make sure to talk to people then. :)

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