Unboxing A'bloom Products from Althea

It's been a while since I last wrote a decent blog post on my blog. Life took it's toll on me since I discovered I was pregnant with our second child. A lot of things has changed and it happened together with the big news. My husband changed ways in his career too, which made the whole family to adjust. With all that happened, I am still thankful for the blessings though. Just like this beauty box I received from Althea, their new line, the A'Bloom line.

The line consists of the following:
4 A'Bloom Masks
Baby Meringue Puff
Giany Meringue Puff
BHA Blackhead Blaster

I am a fan of masks and I used them when I was still pregnant. I like that they have different varieties to try. The mask specifically was selling like pancakes because of the Buy 10 Take 10 deal they had few weeks ago. If you wanna try that, head over to Althea's website now.

Next is the BHA Blackhead Blaster. I want to write an in depth review of this one but I immediately used it upon opening the box.

The product is a black stick which is easy to apply on the nose part to help in removing blackheads and whiteheads. I give them the packaging because it is easy to apply, no spill or no need to tpuch the product and you can apply it with ease.

However, I noticed the product didn't sticked well on the nose and it also didn't removed the blackheads and whiteheads in a minute as promised. So I tried reapplying it again for a longer elperiod the next time but to no avail. It's still the same.

I am not sure if I applied it wrongly or it just didn't worked out for me.

Lastly the puffs. This is the cutest of all the products because of the color and the bright idea of calling it meringue. It's just so cute right?!

I like that they've come up with different sizes which is lovely. Since it is a teardrop shape, it can cover the corners of the nose and the eyes with ease. When the product is wet, it becomes bigger too. I photographed the small one for reference.

Overall, I like all the products in the line especially the puffs. I think they're very handy to use too. Masks are my second fave and the least would be the BHA Blackhead Blaster.

If you want to order the same items in this post, head over to Althea now. 

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