Review: 3W Clinic Green Tea Moisture Peeling Gel

Keeping my skin smooth and moisturized can sometimes be challenging especially now that I am pregnant. During my first trimester, I hate the smell of anything in skincare so I totally ditched that. Now that I'm on my 3rd trimester, I have adjusted and continued using some of the products which I can take. One of them is this 3W Clinic Green Tea Moisture Peeling Gel. It’s light in scent so it doesn’t bother me that much.

PACKAGING - Let’s go first with the packaging. It Is housed on a simple green box with English instructions at the back making it easier for users to understand. I just hope most Korean products would take note of that. It is a tube type which can be dispense easily. Only be careful when squeezing it from the tube because it might give out a lot of product at once.

SCENT – If you’re familiar with the green tea scent, then this just smells like that. It isn’t too strong that’s why I was able to use it during this pregnancy. Now, I used this twice to thrice a week because I feel the need to get rid of a lot of dead skin for not being able to maintain my skincare routine in this pregnancy.

PRICE – I bought this online together with a lot of different purchases so I really forgot how much this was. As far as I remember, this is just around P200. I remember it was really affordable compare to other expensive peeling gel I've tried before.

EFFECT – I like how it cleanses my face gently and it makes me feel the smoothness of it. I don’t feel guilty even if it’s a peeling gel because I know that it cleanses my face delicately without stripping the moisture of my skin. 

Yay for me! (  
·  I like that it is mild and doesn’t sting.
·  It cleanses my skin gently.
·  Very affordable. It does the work just like the expensive brands. 
·  It has a lot of product inside the tube.

Nay! (。◕)
·  Tend to dispense a lot of product at once so control is the key.

Price: Around P200.00
Bought from: an online korean shop
Size: 180 ml.

Overall, I like this product because it's what saves my skin during this pregnancy. There are times that I dislike any skincare or makeup product on my skin because of the scent. Or sometimes I dislike a product just because of my mood. So this product is a life-saver of some sort. 

I can slowly use some products now so I'm back in the game of reviewing items I received from the past until now. I hope I can catch up especially that I will be giving birth again soon! So cheers to more blogging years for me! 

Until the next! 💓


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