Event: SM Pampanga Coke Studio PH Roadshow

Coke Studio visited Pampanga last weekend and brought the sound of Pinoy music in the province. OPM group Moonstar 88 and Jensen and the Flips performed their groundbreaking musical collaborations.

We arrived at the venue early and gates were opened at 2pm.There were different booths you can try. There's the Coke Canraoke,  Studio Shots and Jukebox. Plus there's an unlimited supply of coke to all the attendees.

You get to sing a song at the Coke Canraoke where you can enter in a humongous can of Coke and belt your heart out. There's just a little technical error since the volume doesn't want to be fixed during our try-out. Bummer!

Next booth is the Studio Shots which is a version of their photobooth. You can goof around while they take your photo and you can choose to edit filters and then receive the photo after the printout. Sadly, I didn't like the quality of the copy because the photo looks grainy.

And my favorite booth among them all would be the Jukebox where you can get a personalized coke bottle. You get to type a name of your choice in their machine. My husband wrote my sister's name Felice since she has been always taking care of my baby whenever I attend blog events. I got to choose my baby's name Railey, of course. The Jukebox is so cute that I wish to keep the personalized bottle. However, my husband drank the coke already. I was actually thinking of keeping it as a memorabilia. I have a hard-headed husband btw. Hihi. But I like how he is so supportive with all my blogging events. 

Sadly, I wasn't able to catch the performances of the bands because it was too late and I still need to get the baby from my sister. I would love to repeat the experience again given that I have ample of time in my hands.

Catch the next Coke Studio PH Roadshow at Kadayawan Festival. I hope there would be a lot of attendees this time. 


  1. Oh i love the concept of this Coca Cola campaign and I love to try that Karaoke booth! But the best thing about this roadshow is how they promote the Original Filipino Music .. I saw their grand launch featured in some blogs and it was truly a great event. I just hope they will also hit Cavite or nearby province so I can visit them too!

    1. Sad to say, the event wasn't promoted much here in the province. The number of people shows it.

  2. whoaa, i like that coke studio. it looks so cool.

  3. My son and his friends went to the launch at SMX. They had a great time! It's a good solid campaign to promote local music. Hopefully, OPM remains popular and a favorite.

    1. I agree. I hope there are more events like this that helps in promoting OPM.

  4. wah... coca cola event! seems so fun before things get started - racheal

    1. Coke surely always put a good foot forward in their events.

  5. event photo booth vaughan I just thought it may be an idea to post incase anyone else was having problems researching but I am a little unsure if I am allowed to put names and addresses on here.

  6. I just thought it may be an idea to post incase anyone else was having problems researching but I am a little unsure if I am allowed to put names and addresses on here. event photo booth vaughan

  7. Some things that go into a photo shoot are; setting up the equipment in advance, downloading the photos and going through them after the shoot, Photographer

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