Manicure Monday: Revlon's Blue Slate

Today's Manicure Monday is Revlon's Blue Slate. I have few pieces of Revlon nail polishes I got from BDJ boxes, winnings and stuff I bought. I liked their polishes because of their brush. The consistency is also nice since I already used the bottle a couple of times yet it's still good for use unlike others that the formula is already building up inside after few times of usage..

I like the color for semi-formal to formal occasion. I actually used this since I was thinking that Jaycee and I will be fixing some stuff for the wedding today but was postponed again. Guess I should have stick with bright colors for summer. 

The application was easy because of the smoothness of the formula and the consistency is great! I had two coats in this and even a single coat has a great coverage for small nails like mine.

Anyway, I will be changing this color before next Monday since I also want to feel summer on my nails. I'm opting a neon or bright colored one. I got one from The Face Shop and will be featuring that on my next NOTD. Also watch out for my review on all shades of Caronia's Shades of Summer collection. I will do that this week so stay tuned. :) 

More colors on the blog soon! Xoxo ♥

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