KSeries: Fated To Love You Complete Episode (English Subs)

Watching Korean/Japanese series are my go-to when I am so stressed and burned out! The past week, I had one particular series which I was so hooked on and it was Fated to Love You. What triggered me to watch it was the ad I saw at the local channel ABS-CBN. They will air it anytime this week, I think. My sister actually recommended the series before but I brushed it off because of my so -called busy schedules. I was reminded by the ad so I started watching it. I finished it after 3 days. 

Seeing that JangHyuk is there, which I've known being Kongkook's friend, I immediately had the interest in watching Fated to Love You from Episode 1. Jongkook by the way, is one of the members of Running Man, a variety show program in Korea which me and my sisters always watched weekly with no fail. Janghyuk is really handsome so I need to see him act for the first time. 

Speaking of handome actors, there's also Choi Jin-Hyuk which I remembered being the father of Lee Seung-gi in the series Gu Family Book. I also loved that series because of a beautiful love story plot. It's also a must-watch! The female main cast here is Jang Nara who was also on School 2013 which I also had watched before.

Anyway, let me share to you the episodes of the series Fated To Love You. Enjoy! ^o^


The links are in subbed in English. I had fun watching this because it's a mix of drama and comedy. The comedy part was just so intense. Kept me laughing hard. It's a really a nice series and there's no dull moments for me. Hope you'll watch and appreciate it too!

I'll be posting more series on the next few days so watch out for that. I actually watched 3 or 4 more series before Fated to Love You and forgot to share it here on the blog. I'll do it one of these days when we had the holiday. We'll have no classes then and I'll have more time to blog. :)

More of dramas and series soon! Xoxo ♥

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