Review: Magic Pink by Sophie

Two weeks ago, I went to a friend's house to ask for spare balikbayan boxes 'cause boyfriend will be using them when they move out. It just so happen that this friend of mine is selling Sophie products and she was actually a dealer of the brand.

I discovered Magic Pink few months ago and didn't had the chance to blog about it since I was inside a training camp during that time. So here's the moment to review the product. 

Magic Pink is actually a cream that will turn pink even before a minute. It's a good alternative on the traditional hence classic blushes that we have.

This is really great to use especially people on the go. Imagine, in less than a minute, it will instantly turned rosy pink, and I mean rosy. :)

Magic Pink comes in a mini tube form so it will not take much space in your kikay kit. You can also carry it anywhere: put it in your purse or in your pocket. 

I tried applying it on my skin and this is the result. It's turns pink really fast! Wait for it around 10 seconds and voila, super rosy pink! It's also good for all types of skin. 

This is what I'm currently using now. I'm on my second tube and I'm still planning to use this aside from a regular blush on hat I have.

Yay! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Cute Packaging
  • Affordable at P85.00
  • Since you will not use a brush, no purse space required
  • Great option when traveling or on the go
  • Sheer coverage
  • Soft definition
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • Uneven diffusion
  • Imprecise application
  • Germs can easily spread from the hands to the face or products

In totality, I'm loving the product since it gives my cheeks a really rosy finish. Also, my friend lives near our house so it is also accessible to get one anytime from her. 

Do you have experience with the product? Share here. I would love to hear your reviews about it! ^__^

Price: P85.00
Availability: Sophie Dealers and Outlets


  1. Hi Theresa. Nice blog and cute site! <3 Visit my site too at Hope you enjoy like I did on your site. where'd you get the template? I love it ;)

  2. I was looking for a review of this product since i bought one. THanks! :D

  3. nice! I WANNA TRY IT TOO! :O #amaze

    1. I have a lot pa nga eh! It's nice sis and it looks great on the skin too! :)


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