Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar 2021

I have been blogging about beauty since 2015 and one thing I loved about it is being able to attend seminars or events about beauty where I gained lots of learning about makeup and skincare. When the pandemic happened last year, beauty events were halted. Also, we are required to wear masks the whole time outside so even our makeup were left sitting on our beauty counters too. However, that didn't stopped my love for makeup. I still continued to use makeup even in quarantine so I would still look great when doing meetings online. 

Now that we are slowly adapting to the change this pandemic has brought us, we can now go out more often compare than last year. Keeping our makeup under our mask intact is now a challenge. So when I saw that Anneprettyness launched her seminar, I had to quickly watch it and learn the technique of achieving full face makeup that's transferproof.

On her webinar, she suggested great tips and tricks that were seriously effective for anyone who love to wear makeup under mask. The objective is to prevent makeup from transferring on the mask. Do you think she successfully did it? 

Before we go to the result, let me share some information about her in case you haven't attended her webinar yet. 

Anne or Anneprettyness as everyone on the social media world call her, is an Instagrammer and a Beauty Vlogger based from Los Angeles, California. She's a Physical Therapist turned beauty content creator. Her social media career started in 2016 when one of her IG videos went viral worldwide! It’s the Jamsu Makeup technique. 

She also had a lot of accomplishments as a makeup artist. Here are some of her awards and recognitions. 

  • She is the PopBeauty 2020 Pop-Halloween Grand Prize Winner.
  • Also in 2020, she is the Moda Brushes Halloween Contest: 1st Runner up  Winner
  • She did a collaboration with Ulta Beauty x Avengers on Instagram in 2019
  • Her Tiktok video with Own Sound "Calling all Gucci Lovers" went viral in 2020
  • CEW nominee for Rising Influencer Awards Feb 2019
  • Benefit Cosmetics Brow winner for Influencers contest 2018
  • Her very first Makeup Seminar in 2019 was held at the Los Angeles Embassy Suites-Hilton with 27 Brand sponsors including : Urban Decay Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Elemis, Miniso USA, Girlactik, DermaE, Annasui Cosmetics US and Charlotte Tilbury,etc.

With a lot of achievements on her sleeve, it wasn't a question anymore if her seminar was a success. Last Saturday, I was able to attend her second makeup seminar which was held online via Zoom where she gave makeup tips and tricks on how to achieve a transferproof full face makeup when worn under a face mask. She used products of particular brands which she personally uses herself and her brides/clients. 

The 2-hr full face makeup seminar started with how she do her skincare until the setting of makeup. Also there were 3 masks that were tested at the end of the seminar which all happened to have no transfers on the mask! 

Anneprettyness has also introduced and gave huge shout out to her brand sponsors this year including : @elemis, @gerardcosmetics, @annasuicosmetics_us, @paulandjoebeaute_lovers, @dermae, @lauramercier, @girlactik, @modabrush, @nomadcosmetics, @pixibeauty, @marcanthonyhaircare, @purlisse, @yensabeauty, @versed and a lot more. 

With all the learnings I got, some were pretty new to me like the soap technique in doing the brows. Even without a brow product, a stroke on a bar soap before using it on your brows makes a huge change. I also collated more tips and tricks which I love. 

  • Skincare is a priority. You should learn how to take care of your skin so you can enhance it more with makeup. 
  • Use a face primer to achieve more seamless makeup. 
  • If it's possible, always try to set every step of makeup. This is a trick she learned and applied on her works as well. 
  • Concealer should be applied second to foundation. 
  • Use a sponge when highlighting for a better result. 
  • For acne-prone skin, you may opt to use silk instead. 

Love all the tips especially setting each step of the makeup. This will make the makeup stay longer and I think it is one of the reason of it being transferproof. I was honestly amazed when she used all three face masks and none transferred. Two of the face mask were even black in color so there's no way a tiny flaw can escape. It was definitely a success! 

It was even more successful because the participants would even get to take home their swag bag full of items from the sponsors. What a nice event indeed! 

Huge thanks to Anneprettyness for sharing her knowledge and letting us be part of the event. Hopefully until next time! 

P.S. Can't wait to review some of the items on the swag bag. Watch out for that! 


  1. Wow this is a nice webinar. I like this full face makeup that's transferproof. Very timely coz its mandatory to wear masks. These great tips and tricks that she shared are effective for anyone who love to wear makeup under mask. No more worries na coz you're always looking great.

  2. THANK for sharing the tips po about sa full face make-up ang linaw pa ng explanation must read po and i really Love your content po.


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